Valentine’s Day will never be the same. Twisted Metal Demo Impressions.

*box art was found at: Twisted Metal Blog

                 Ah! Twisted Metal, the franchise that probably killed hours upon hours of your childhood, is finally back. The most recent iteration, which wasn’t a port of a previous game (yes i’m talking about you Twisted Metal: Head on: Extra Twisted edition), was back in 2001, of course I’m talking about Twisted Metal Black. Twisted Metal Black was a fantastic game that was loved by the media and gamers alike, and introduced the more gritty feel of the Twisted Metal universe. After 11 years David Jaffe and his team, Eat Sleep Play, are ready to drop a bomb on Valentines Day (in the US), with their reboot titled, Twisted Metal. From playing the demo for about two hours, the explosions will be huge indeed. The game will be familiar to those who have played past iterations. There are jumping cars, rockets exploding and machine guns spraying around every corner.No safe haven exists in Twisted Metal. You have to be ready for anything at any moment.

          The Demo allows you to control eight vehicles and  access four separate areas. You can play a single-player Deathmatch mode, a tutorial section to learn the nuisances of each vehicle and two online modes; Team Deathmatch and a Team Nuke mode (an insane Twisted Metal take on Capture The Flag).
                  If you’re new to the Twisted Metal franchise there will definitely be a learning curve and i’d advise you to try the training section under the single-player area of the demo. It provides a nice way to get acquainted with the controls. The controls are pretty in-depth and there is no game quite like it, so at first they may seem a bit awkward. But after playing around for a couple minutes you will be ready to put the pedal to the metal!
          As for the graphics, they are fine for what the game is but it does feel like a game that could have come out around the launch of the ps3. Don’t get me wrong, this game wasn’t created to show off beautiful scenery, it’s here to bring us back to paying attention to how fun a game is versus obsessing over how detailed the rocks are. Although the graphics leave you wanting a little something more, the destruction is plain awesome. You can plow through a building to take a beeline to your prey or to find a power-up that can change the game.
                   All in all if the demo is anything to go by, the game will be pure, adrenaline-filled fun. It doesn’t fall into the current gen trends and really sticks to its roots. The game is fast, brutal and twisted.

Twisted Metal releases on February 14th (Valentine’s Day) exclusively for the PS3.

By: Joey Lampe


One response to “Valentine’s Day will never be the same. Twisted Metal Demo Impressions.

  1. Looking forward to Twisted Metal, just hope the multiplayer will have some depth to it. Oh BTW I’m from CAG, S T A R H A W K…

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