Uncharted 3 contains the treasures of past games, but the hunt is starting to grow tiresome.

– A review of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception single player campaign.


  • Locations: Every location is more stunning than the last
  • Set-pieces: Bigger and better
  • Animation: The fluidness of Drake pulls you into the action


  • Characters: the characters should have been explored in greater detail
  • The puzzles: The ones that were there were exciting, but they were too few and far between for my liking


  • Gun-play and the amount of it: To be honest it is quite exhausting. There is little time to explore your surroundings as shells are often flying past your head

           After the masterpiece that was Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Naughty Dog definitely had its hands full. How could a developer not only reach, but exceed the quality of its previous iteration?

           Make no mistake, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is an Uncharted game. There are beautiful locations, stunning vistas, huge set-pieces, puzzles, the usual cast plus some and unfortunately, tons of gun-play. You get exactly what you expect from another Nathan Drake adventure and that is its biggest downfall.

           Typical to the globe-trotting treasure-hunter, Drake hunts a specific treasure across various continents. From the dark streets of London, to
the barren Rub’ Al Khali Desert, you see it all. Each and every location is stunning, especially the levels in the desert. Naughty Dog’s attention to the level of detail is astounding. Although I felt it kept you in locations you disliked and forced you through one’s you enjoyed.

           A Drake game wouldn’t be so without set-pieces and puzzles. The set-pieces are twice as heart-pounding as in the previous games and will leave you holding your breath every moment. You will be on the edge of your seat as Drake jumps and as always, just manages to grab on the tiniest piece of ledge to make it out alive. While set-pieces have become a staple for the Naughty Dog team, it seems they always glance over puzzle sections. The puzzles that are in the game are adequate but it’s hard being a treasure hunter and solving so few puzzles throughout the journey.

           The usual cast is present in Drake’s Deception along with a few other new characters. Uncharted games are relatively story driven, but the third chapter in the series doesn’t delve into why we should care about these new characters. It’s a shame too, considering they appear to have great stories on the surface. It seems they wanted to appease the shooting crowd and where there should have been dialogue or at least some kind of characterization, they opted for explosions and gunfire.

           Gun-play. Uncharted is known for its acrobatic, climb-on everything, parkour adventurism, but its gun-play has never been up to those standards. It’s sad to say, but it doesn’t get much better in this one either. From the get go, aiming seemed a bit off, which to Naughty Dog’s credit, they fixed rather quickly with a patch shortly after launch. But every gun sequence just doesn’t feel right. It may be because all of the other sections of the game are so well throughout out the gun sequences feel tacked on. Although you can deal with tacked on gun controls,gun
fights happen far too often.
There are more bullets flying in this game than there are in Battlefield 3!

           Alas, with its flaws, which are relatively minor, except for the gun play which is disheartening, the game doesn’t meet such lofty expectations because, simply, we’ve done it before, and even better a couple years prior. Naughty Dog didn’t seem to take the risks to let this game stand out from the franchise, nor did it look more polished than Uncharted 2. From a team that gained a huge following after Uncharted 2 you’d hope they would take chances and really push the game over the edge. Don’t get me wrong, the game is still a grand adventure, and if you loved the previous games and enjoy the style of Nathan Drake, you will without a doubt love this game. With such a leap between the first two Uncharted games its easy to knock this one for not being as innovative as its predecessors. But this is an adventure that should be had by all.

*All art was found at: Naughty Dog’s Flickr Account


3 responses to “Uncharted 3 contains the treasures of past games, but the hunt is starting to grow tiresome.

  1. Great article, very informitive. Can’t wait for this game ,Im from CAG

  2. I love every aspect of the uncharted series gun fights and all.. It keeps you on your toes. With out them its just a movie you get to interact with every once and a while.

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