Android Market Monday – Mac Hunter

Mac Hunter by Deonn Games

Mac Hunter by Deonn GamesMeet Mac Hunter, the adventurous, gold loving monkey. Mac is the star of Deonn Games’ latest game on the Android Market called, Mac Hunter. The game contains ten levels that span across jungles, deserts and ancient ruins. Aside from getting bragging rights from your friends, you’ll want to collect all 772 coins throughout the game to unlock the two bonus levels.

Mac Hunter by Deonn Games

          The game uses “jump and hang” gameplay. To swing from vine to vine, you have to tilt your device back and forth to build up some speed and then when you’re ready for Mac to jump, tap on the screen in the direction you want him to jump and watch him fly through the air. I’m not a big fan of games that use the accelerometer for character movement, but in this game it worked well and I didn’t mind using it. Aside from collecting coins, there are also little bonus items you can get. The pepper will give you a speed boost, the feather will change the gravity, the mushroom will slow down time, and grabbing the 1UP will give you an extra life.

          The graphics and level design are great and they’ll keep you wanting to play until you’ve beat every level and collected every coin. The three locations are just the places you would think an adventurous monkey would go. Although vines are the main way to travel through the levels, you can also bounce off of frogs, but watch out for spiders along the way and don’t hit too many birds or you’ll fall into the river below. If you manage to survive the level, the treasure chest at the end will take you to the next level.

Mac Hunter by Deonn Games

          Overall, this game is a great time-killer. It’s definitely worth a try, and it’s free so you have nothing to lose. The only downside to the game is that there are only ten levels(twelve including the bonus levels), but hopefully a future update will give us more levels.

Download Mac Hunter from the Android Market QR code for

3 responses to “Android Market Monday – Mac Hunter

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  2. I would definitely like to see more Android based game reviews!!

    Also, from CAG, entering for Starhawk beta

    Hope to see more from this site :]

    • There will be more so check back often. I was going to write another app review today, but was busy with work and then schoolwork. I’ll try to get one up tomorrow. Any suggestions for future app reviews, either ones you already love and want more people to know about or one you would like to know more about yourself?

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