SSX Pre-Order Bonuses

Time is running out to take advantage of Ssx Preorder bonuses! The game releases on February 28, so here’s a quick rundown of the available options.

Pre-ordering from Amazon will get you Mac’s level 6 elite snowboard with boost, as well as a $10 credit to use on items shipped and sold by Amazon. Item also eligible for free super saver shipping or 99 cent release date delivery.

Best Buy
At Best Buy you will score Zoe Payne’s level 6 elite snowboard with boost and qualify for free shipping

Gamestop gives you access to Eddie Wachowski(character that made his debut in SSX Tricky) and his elite level 6 snowboard with a boost.

Will net you the same dlc from GameStop.

Toys ‘R Us
While not participating in the dlc madness, they have the game on sale on for $44.99 with free shipping. TRU does this with a fair amount of pre-orders so be on the lookout for these deals.

Finally, Wal-Mart is giving out Kaori’s level 6 elite snowboard with boost and a $10 Egift card (for use only on

As you can see, the bonuses are pretty similar sans Gamestop and Origin. It is unclear whether Eddie will be an unlockable through game progression or a part of future DLC. That being said, it looks like that would be the bonus to snag, but if that doesn’t interest you Amazon definitely is the next best option. Amazon almost always doles out $10 to $20 credits so you can easily start chaining them together after a couple releases and 99 cent release date delivery is a steal.


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