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Quantic Dream’s Kara Tech Demo Is An Impressive Leap In Motion Capture Technology

           At E3 in 2006 David Cage, game design artist and CEO/Founder of Quantic Dream, unleashed a tech demo titled, Heavy Rain – The Casting. The tech demo presented a glimpse into where motion capture was headed. The tech demo featured crisp, lifelike animation. It focused on every human animation and gave the character a more lifelike feel than ever before. Although it was pretty revolutionary at the time, the following game, Heavy Rain, never fully realized that feel throughout its game.

           At Game Developers Conference (GDC), David Cage revealed the very I-Robot inspired Kara tech demo to the audience. The tech demo features a narrator working in a factory creating androids (human-like robot not the cell phone). The animation is top notch.Every part of Kara felt like it existed in the real world. Although this is just a tech demo, it was incredible. Everything felt so real and when she was pleading for her life, the raw emotion was conveyed perfectly by even the most minor animation.

           According to 1Up’s article, Quantic Dream’s Kara Demo Gives a Promising Glimpse Into the Future of Motion Capture Technology, “[the demo uses] a technique where all the aspects of a motion-capture performance are recorded at once, rather than the common practice of capturing them separately.” Which, in theory, will allow the animation to appear more cohesive.

           With this new technology Quantic Dream can definitely create quite an experience. The fluidness and overall realism of a game can either make or break the end-user experience. Where Heavy Rain felt janky and stiff at times, with the new tech, Quantic Dream can present gamers with a unique, refined journey.

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