Hey, what’s up everyone? I’ve been gaming since I was about six or seven years old. I enjoy just about all genres of games, sans rhythm music games, but usually gravitate toward action/adventure games. I can’t say I have an all-time favorite game, but if I absolutely had to, I could make a very strong case for Metal Gear Solid. As for consoles, I currently own, NES, SNES, N64, PS2, PS3 (BC of course), and a PSP (hope to own a vita soon!). I also have a gaming pc, although it’s starting to show its age. Hope you all enjoy the site!


          Hello. My name is George. I’m currently working towards getting a Bachelor’s degree in Game Programming. I don’t know when I started gaming, but the first games I can remember playing were Crash Bandicoot and Goldeneye 007. I like all genres. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be first person shooters. I currently own, NES, N64, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP and I have a PC. I hope you have a good time here. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, head over to the contact page and you’ll find multiple ways to get a hold of me. Enjoy!