Starhawk Beta Code Giveaway[Closed]

Starhawk Cover Art

Access the Starhawk beta a week before the public!

We’re giving away two beta codes for Starhawk. The rules are simple.

  • Post a comment on any previous article
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      This giveaway will end tomorrow(2/14) at 10:30am Est and the winners will be contacted shortly after. Thanks for visiting our site!


Breathing Life Back Into The Dead

           All around you, the world has been taken to its knees. All you see is blood and fire, everywhere. You hear the groans of what sounds to be an injured man. You walk, slowly, only to find hoards of reanimated corpses. Instead of sneaking away, you pull out all the firepower you can muster and start gunning down everything. As the guns pound away, the blood begins to paint the floor. To the few who have made it close, you pull out a knife and cut their heads clean off. After every corpse falls back to the ground, again, you realize you are no different than these abominations. You are a soldier, a murderer, when in your past life you were just a simple, moral-driven human.
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C++: A Gaming Approach – 1

This is going to be the first of (hopefully) many tutorials where I teach you how to program in C++ using a gaming approach. I’ll be giving you sections of code, then afterwards I’ll explain what each line does. I’ll also highlight the lines of code I will be explaining.
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Android Market Monday – Mac Hunter

Mac Hunter by Deonn Games

Mac Hunter by Deonn GamesMeet Mac Hunter, the adventurous, gold loving monkey. Mac is the star of Deonn Games’ latest game on the Android Market called, Mac Hunter. The game contains ten levels that span across jungles, deserts and ancient ruins. Aside from getting bragging rights from your friends, you’ll want to collect all 772 coins throughout the game to unlock the two bonus levels.
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Uncharted 3 contains the treasures of past games, but the hunt is starting to grow tiresome.

– A review of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception single player campaign.


  • Locations: Every location is more stunning than the last
  • Set-pieces: Bigger and better
  • Animation: The fluidness of Drake pulls you into the action


  • Characters: the characters should have been explored in greater detail
  • The puzzles: The ones that were there were exciting, but they were too few and far between for my liking


  • Gun-play and the amount of it: To be honest it is quite exhausting. There is little time to explore your surroundings as shells are often flying past your head

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Valentine’s Day will never be the same. Twisted Metal Demo Impressions.

*box art was found at: Twisted Metal Blog

                 Ah! Twisted Metal, the franchise that probably killed hours upon hours of your childhood, is finally back. The most recent iteration, which wasn’t a port of a previous game (yes i’m talking about you Twisted Metal: Head on: Extra Twisted edition), was back in 2001, of course I’m talking about Twisted Metal Black. Twisted Metal Black was a fantastic game that was loved by the media and gamers alike, and introduced the more gritty feel of the Twisted Metal universe. After 11 years David Jaffe and his team, Eat Sleep Play, are ready to drop a bomb on Valentines Day (in the US), with their reboot titled, Twisted Metal. From playing the demo for about two hours, the explosions will be huge indeed. The game will be familiar to those who have played past iterations. There are jumping cars, rockets exploding and machine guns spraying around every corner.No safe haven exists in Twisted Metal. You have to be ready for anything at any moment.
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